Thoughts #59: Enjoy your life

My work mentor is open-minded. For the past few weeks we have been talking alot about life. And majority about his sharing on how he lived in his twenties. “Basically do everything you want now before you have children.” He wishes to be young like me again.

So I’m going to hit 21 soon and probably will have the license to do everything I want. My mentor urge me to try everything (trips, bungee jumping, clubbing and sex) because few years down the road I will be like him with children, even bad words also cannot say. He warns me that I should never take drugs.

My takeaway thoughts from livelihood is that a line has to be drawn. Even for my mentor, drugs is a no no. For me he knows I’m a believer and therefore too bad I can’t have sex before marriage. I’m not here to discriminate the way he looks at things, neither does he because he respects my belief. It is just a simple advice: “Enjoy your life while you are young.”


Guitar #16: Scheduling

My guitar journal title for the month of January will be Scheduling. So far after I ORD, I somehow managed to learn close to 10 full songs, majority are classics. However, by learning more and more songs each day/week, I will definitely forget or miss playing the current songs that I’ve already learnt. Furthermore most songs have their own leads and solos which can be hard to retain and worst case forgotten. An example will be sweet child o mine by guns and roses, I could play some parts of the song during last year November and now I could only barely play the intro riffs. Scheduling those songs will help me revisit or rework them at least once per week and by January I should be have a fixed weekday set.

Weekday Routine
Everyday: Everybody wants to rule the world.

Monday Blues (Solos)
Another Brick in the Wall

Tues (Lows)
Buses and Trains
More than a feeling

Wed (Riff)
Sweet Child O mine (no solo)
Sweet home alabama (no solo)
Money for nothing

Thurs (Arpeggios)
Stairway to Heaven
Zephyr Song

Fri (John Mayer)
Love on the weekend
Faithfully (pending)

Thoughts #58: Social at Work

Workplace is definitely the hardest area to be relational at the very moment. Why? I think the moment I step into Scanhub, I focused just on work alone. Yes I’ve made some friends and my mentor who have guided me as I adapt to worklife but there are others who I’m still strangers with. Nevertheless, I’ve to thank God for giving me the opportunity to make friends in my first month.

I didn’t have the access card until this week and even though it was so inconvenient to move in and out of the workplace, I was known in my workplace the latest to be issued with one. After countless moments of interrupting and troubling people to open a door for me, another door was opened for me to get to know others better. The usual conversation starter is ‘you still don’t have your pass?’ From that I’ve made around 5 friends who have been ‘ushering’ me in and out.

Meet Keith. I only met Keith on my second week at work when I had to shift my place to make room for a girl new staff. Now I’m fixed and sit beside him everyday at work, go for breaks usually together and end work exactly at 6.30pm together. Although he is autistic, I respect him alot as a person and he will be my buddy at work for the upcoming months ahead. Just this week he has been helping me to finish up my work and I can’t show more appreciation towards him.

And of course my workplace have girls. How can any work environment exist without girls except my army camp. First of all, I’m so sad that the girl new staff above actually left just after a week in a contract job. She was supposed to be my ‘partner?’ I mean someone who signed a similar contract to July but it just ended too quickly. There are others around and to come and relating to them is still a confidence issue that I’m trying to work on. I guess I’m trying to break out my social comfort but I’ve to say there have been many room for such interactions. In short, some actually initiate conversations with me.

Being relational is my main resolution for this year and I’m just thankful that I’m in a work environment to work on on this area. Of course not neglecting on the work itself.

Thoughts #57: Back to Reflecting

I guess I’m guilty of not updating this place for quite sometime towards the end of the year. There were incredible amount of experiences that I’ve missed out over here but since now is the beginning of 2018, I should revive this habit of journaling.

Tomorrow a close friend of mine will be going to the States for his studies and I’m reminded on how we first started on WordPress and how we encouraged each other on typing and developed this habit. He is someone whom I can trust and share my inner side and knowing that he will be away for quite some time, WordPress will be one platform where we can receive updates on each other’s life. That will be my promise for him.

Thoughts #55: Post-ORD week

After ORD I’m indeed busier than usual. It’s a steep transition into a phase where I can choose freedom or worklife. This week is just a starter and a glimpse of what’s going to happen the rest o the months ahead. Today is Thursday and I’m just minutes away from an interview of a 6 months part time job which starts on December. Read More »